Sun And Bikes Bike Rental Terms and Conditions

The company.

The bicycle rental service is offered by José Luis Escamilla García, here in after: «the company», with NIF 25408393V, and its commercial name «Sun and Bikes Valencia». It is addressed at Calle Lirio 9 bajo (Lily Street, 9), Valencia.
The person who makes use of the bicycle rental service offered by Sun and Bikes Valencia.

The service offered by the company consists of renting bicycles per hours or days to move freely around the city of Valencia. This rental service is supported by the following conditions:

1.The service is offered per hour or days. The rates are published on our website and
on our information boards. If the bicycle is returned after the agreed time,

the corresponding additional fee will be charged.
2.The user must comply with the traffic regulations, especially those applicable to bicycles established by the Valencia City Council. An information sheet with these rules is available to users. They can also be consulted at: .The payment of any traffic sanction generated by non-compliance with these rules will be paid by the user. It is not allowed to ride on pavements and pedestrian areas.
3.By signing these conditions, the user assures that he/she has experience in handling and riding bicycles, and shall have enough skills and abilities to ride the bicycle safely at all times when using the bicycle.
4. In the event of an accident while using the bicycle, if the user is at fault, the user is solely responsible for any damage caused, (to himself or to third parties), or to any property. The company is not liable for claims for damage caused by the user to himself or to third parties.
5.The user is responsible for the security of the bicycle.  Each bicycle is equipped with a security lock. Use this lock to properly secure the bicycle.
6.In case of theft, loss or damage of the bicycle, parts or accessories, the user must pay the amount of the stolen, lost or damaged item. A price list for each item is displayed on our information boards.
7.If the rental is made as a family, the signatory is responsible for making the whole family aware of these conditions.

8.If you suffer a breakdown or a puncture, you must bring the bike to our shop at your own expense. It will be replaced by another one and you will be assigned an extra voucher for the time not used. You can also request our assistance service in which a technician will come to your location and replace or repair your bike. This service costs 18 €.

9.The company checks all the bikes before making them available to the user. However, we recommend a functional check at the start of your journey. If you need an adjustment of the handlebars, the seat or you want to change the bike, let us know and we will change it

10.The deposit will be refunded at the time of return and once we have checked that the bike and accessories are in the same condition as when they were collected and the time enjoyed that the service provides does not exceed the contracted time.
11. The full text of this contract has been drawn up in Spanish and translated into several languages. In case of doubt or differences of interpretation, the Spanish text will prevail.
Basic traffic rules applicable to the use of bicycles
The circulation of bicycles on the pavements is forbidden, except for children under the age of 8 years of age who are accompanied by an adult on foot.
Do not cycle on the pedestrian areas of the promenade, which has an exclusive lane for bicycles. It is forbidden to move or park the bicycle on the sand.
It is forbidden to cycle in the lane reserved for public transport, except in the sections with duly signposted over-width.
Cycling in tunnels is prohibited.
When a person on a bicycle needs to access the pavement, he/she shall do so by dismount from the bicycle and ride with it in hand to their destination or parking place.
Inside public parks and gardens, as well as on the promenade, bicycles may only be ridden on the existing cycle lanes.
The user will be responsible for and will pay any fines or penalties imposed for traffic offences.
Correct bicycle anchorage.
Valencia has hundreds of bicycle docking points. Make use of them when parking your bicycle and if not possible, to street furniture, but never to trees. If possible, secure the frame and wheels.

We are open from 9:15 to 14:30 and from 16:30 to 20:15.

In case of emergency send a WhatsApp with the location to 621 041 145 or write to

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