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Bike Rent

Choose your time
6 5 hours or less
  • Full day 10 €
  • 24 hours 12 €
  • 48 hours 18 €
  • 3 days 26 €
  • For each day more 7 €

Enjoy Valencia in the best way possible

There’s no better way to get to explore Valencia than by bicycle, this beautiful Mediterranean city has been awarded the third best city in Spain to ride a bike in by the OCU and is the first one in the Spanish Levante!       Here at Sun and Bikes we proudly offer our bike rental service at a great price for anyone who wants to get to know the Turia capital in a comfortable, easy and eco-friendly manner. The city of València is full of beautiful architecture and it has a very rich history, food and culture. In addition to this, the city has many bike lanes throughout the whole city making it very easy to visit every popular building very fast, safe, and cheap. With a bike, you can see things that you wouldn’t be able to see in a car or bus.
Our shop is located just a few minutes from the Valencia port, seafront and various touristic accommodations and apartments, also, the fantastic science and art museum it’s really close too. Both of which are a fantastic choice to spend your day riding around the city in one of the bikes we have for you. We have the prettiest city bikes for you to enjoy cycling in Valencia, we also have bikes for teenagers and children’s bikes, every bike we offer comes included with a bicycle lock, bicycle lights and a basket for you to carry your belongings. If you have luggage, you can leave it in our shop for a small fee. Each model of our adult bikes comes integrated with a modern Auto-Sensing light system, this new system has an integrated light sensor and generator, that way, the bicycle lights will turn themselves on during the night and generate their own electricity as you pedal. Come to Sun and Bikes and rent a bicycle for a few hours, a whole day or even a week. We offer different rental options for you to choose the one that fits you best. In our store, we will assist you personally with all the information you need to know about the city, its traffic laws and how you should secure the bicycle when parked. That way, you can explore Valencia worry free.

Our Simple Rental Process

1. Come to our shop

And fill a simple rental contract with your information. In addition to the cost of the bike rental you must leave us a 50 € deposit per bike that will be reimbursed when you come back. Provided that the bike is in good condition and with all its accessories.

2. Choose a bicycle

We have a lot of bikes for you to choose from, we’ll adjust each bicycle so that it fits you better. Also, we have bicycle helmets for rent available at 1 € a day (The helmet is free and mandatory for children under 16).

3. Enjoy!

Have fun around Valencia and come back to our shop when you’re done. If your rental includes an overnight, you can store your bike in our shop for free.